The Herbal Tattoo Series

Ribwort · Calendula · Hamamelis

Herbal active ingredients only

Certified organic

Sustainable packaging

Herbal active ingredients only

Certified organic

Sustainable packaging

Premium Tattoo Aftercare

No compromises

We trust in the healing power of nature and have developed a recipe from selected medicinal herbs.

Highest-quality ingredients, local production and sustainable packaging, is a matter of course for us.

That’s how we adopt the strictest requirements for tattoo care as our guideline for our product development:

Active medicinal plant complex

Vegan & without animal testing

High-quality organic raw materials

Certified natural cosmetics

Sustainable packaging

No palm oil

Handmade in Germany

No genetic engineering, parabens, alcohol, or synthetic substances

The Herbal Tattoo Series


Inspired by the knowledge of ancient sages, healers and shamans, we have developed the perfect combination of medicinal herbs and herbal oils to best support your tattoo healing process.


Used medicinally by Germanic tribes, but also Persians, Greeks and other ancient cultures. Almost entirely forgotten in recent centuries, we have rediscovered this wonderful herb for tattoo healing.


The flowers of the marigold (calendula) are widely known as an excellent wound healing herb. Even the old Egyptians used it to promote rapid wound healing due to its nurturing properties. Calendula has truly earned its nickname “golden flower”.


Butter extracted from the berry fruit of the shea tree has become the all-rounder of the 21st century. It contains vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids and linoleic acid and is known for its protective and soothing properties.


Von den Germanen, aber auch Persern, Griechen und andere Altkulturen medizinisch angewendet, wurde dieses Kraut wegen seiner antibakteriellen, entzündungshemmenden und wundheilungsfördernden Eigenschaften geschätzt. Almost entirely forgotten in recent centuries, we have rediscovered this wonderful herb for tattoo healing.


Die Blüten der Ringelblume (Calendula) sind allgemein als vorzügliches Wundheilkraut bekannt. Schon die alten Ägypter nutzten sie zur Förderung einer raschen Wundheilung aufgrund seine antimikrobiellen und stark lindernden Eigenschaften. Calendula has truly earned its nickname “golden flower”.


Butter extracted from the berry fruit of the shea tree has become the all-rounder of the 21st century. Sie beinhaltet Vitamin E, Omega 3 Fettsäuren und Linolsäure und ist bekannt für seine rückfettenden, schützenden und hautberuhigenden Eigenschaften und kann den Feuchtigkeitshaushalt der Haut verbessern.


Also known as witch-hazel, hamamelis has been used as a medicinal herb by Native Americans as well as in folk medicine and shamanic rituals. Since European settlers brought it to Europe in the 18th century, the use of Hamamelis as an ingredient in medicine and cosmetics has been widespread.

Argan oil

For Moroccan Berbers, the argan tree is a gift from God and has long been used in folk medicine. Today, argan oil is often used in medicinal and cosmetic products for sensitive and dry skin.


Auch als Zaubernuss oder Hexenhasel bekannt wurde Hamamelis schon von den Ureinwohnern Nordamerikas als adstringierendes und juckreizlinderndes Heilkraut eingesetzt und in der Volksmedizin und bei schamanischen Ritualen verwendet.Also known as witch-hazel, hamamelis has been used as a medicinal herb by Native Americans as well as in folk medicine and shamanic rituals. Seit europäische Siedler sie im 18. Jahrhundert nach Europa brachten ist die Verwendung von Hamamelis in der Medizin und Kosmetik als antioxidativer und barrierefördernder Inhaltsstoff weit verbreitet.

Argan oil

Für marokkanische Berber ist der Arganbaum eine Gabe Gottes und bekannt als ein antioxidativer und antibakterieller Wirkstoff. In medizinischen und kosmetischen Produkten für empfindliche und trockene Haut wird es oft verwendet weil Arganöl stark pflegend und glättend wirken kann.

Best for the skin, best for the environment

Genuinely sustainable

Sustainability is one of our most important criteria when developing our products – from raw materials to packaging. We believe that the true value of our products goes beyond the benefits for you when you use them but extends to the prevention of harm to the environment. We put ecology before economy – environmental protection before profit.

Raw materials

At Manik, we use only the best organic ingredients, and for good reason: Organic farming protects the land and groundwater, promotes biodiversity and preserves habitats of numerous species. It protects ecosystems, respects the natural crop cycles and supports ecological balance.


We make our soaps using the so-called “Cold Process”. That pretty much means “the way it used to be done”: With time, patience and a lot of love. We don’t introduce extra heat or electricity to speed up the natural process. That’s how we achieve sustainable production and the high level of quality of our soap.


For the boxes of our soap and sets, we use a high-quality, solid-colored cardboard made from 100% recycled wastepaper. For our balm, we go one step further and work with the very latest in packaging technology: The tin is a new type of plant-based material that is 100% compostable.

No plastic, no plasticizers, no excuses!


For fast and climate-neutral delivery of our products, we have chosen DHL gogreen, where investments in global climate protection projects offset the emissions caused by shipping.

Upcycling / Recycling

Our packaging is not only compostable like our balm can. Or recycled and recyclable, like our 100% wastepaper boxes. They are also made of the best quality materials, with high-quality finishes and timeless design so that you can reuse the packaging.

The Herbal Tattoo Series

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How to

Do’s & Don’ts

Our step-by-step recommendations

If you have questions about the healing process, your most important resource for tattoo healing is always your tattoo artist or tattoo studio. Here are our recommendations for the use of our Herbal Tattoo products.


Wash your tattoo thoroughly and very carefully with Herbal Tattoo Soap and lukewarm water. Use only hands and no washcloths, etc.


Rinse with cold water and gently pat dry with a clean, lint-free cloth.


After washing, carefully apply a very thin layer of Herbal Tattoo Balm to the tattoo.


Repeat this process 2-3 times a day.


The healing process varies from person to person and can take several weeks. We recommend using our Herbal Tattoo products until the tattoo has completely healed.


From then on, we recommend using Herbal Tattoo Balm on stressed and dry skin.


Do not use a washcloth or similar for washing!

After washing, do not rub dry, but carefully dab dry!

Do not apply the balm too thickly. The skin must still be able to breathe!

Do not rub the balm into your skin – apply it gently.

Even if it itches, do not scratch or pick at it!

Do not expose the tattoo to sunlight!

Frequently asked questions


The following are some of the most commonly asked and important questions. If you want to know more about us and our products, we’re always happy to answer your questions and will add them to this list if they are of general interest.

Please write to us!

As a matter of principle, Manik products do not contain parabens, alcohols, mineral oils, synthetic substances or genetically modified ingredients. We believe in the healing power of nature and use only natural ingredients in our formulas.

We have decided not to use palm oil but only vegetable oils such as argan oil, olive oil, coconut oil and castor oil. Palm oil may be cheaper, but the increasing number of oil palm plantations destroys rainforests and causes considerable ecological and social problems in the producing countries. In addition to that, the palm oil refining process produces pollutants.

It’s simple: Organic oils are of a higher quality than those from conventional cultivation. Organic farming protects the land and groundwater, promotes biodiversity, and preserves habitats of numerous species. It protects ecosystems, respects the natural crop cycles, and supports ecological balance. It is, of course, not cheaper, but for us, it was clear that we want to work only with the best ingredients.

That was one of our most challenging development issues. We had to do a lot of research: Glass is very energy-intensive to manufacture and recycle, plus it’s very fragile. Aluminum provides good product protection and is inexpensive, but the production and recycling of aluminum also require a lot of energy. Its production also generates waste materials that are harmful to the environment. None of the standard packaging materials were perfect or a good product fit. After much research, we finally found a start-up in Scandinavia that produces a novel, 100% sustainable material. It’s made of wood and plant-based adhesive and is precisely what we were looking for.

All MANIK products are 100% vegan.

People who value herbal ingredients, organic quality and care about sustainability will get our thinking: We wanted to develop the best possible tattoo aftercare product – for both people and nature.

In principle, any cosmetic product can trigger intolerances. With their intense scent and good healing properties for the skin, even essential oils may contain allergens. If you have are allergic to Coumarin, Limonene, Geraniol, or Linalool, please use a 100% odorless product.

Conventional cosmetic products often use chemical agents that replace the skin’s own substances and functions. As a result of their use, the skin stops doing its job – slowing down its functionality. Also, despite many safety regulations, conventional cosmetic products may contain ingredients harmful to your health, some of which are even suspected of being potentially carcinogenic. Natural cosmetics, however, rely on the powers of plants to support and stimulate the skin’s own processes over the long term. In addition to direct health aspects, the environmental impact should be part of the equation. Among other effects, plastic particles from conventional cosmetic products can end up in wastewater and contribute to far-reaching environmental pollution.

Products awarded the NATRUE seal guarantee that they meet the highest standards for natural cosmetics:

– Natural and organic ingredients
– Gentle manufacturing process
– Environmentally friendly practices
– No synthetic fragrances or dyes
– No petroleum chemistry ingredients (kerosene, PEG, etc.)
– No irradiation of finished products or botanical ingredients
– No genetically modified ingredients
– No silicone oils
– No animal testing

Natrue certification differentiates between three categories: Natural cosmetics, natural cosmetics with organic proportion, and organic cosmetics. For organic cosmetics, the proportion of natural ingredients from controlled organic cultivation must be at least 95%. We have attained this certification after passing the extensive validation process.

After only 12 weeks or three months of composting, the packaging becomes part of nature once again. . Even with a fine sieve, you wouldn’t be able to find a single piece of material.

By investing in global climate protection projects, DHL offsets the emissions caused by shipping.

You can find all delivery times within the EU here.

The Herbal Tattoo Series

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