Three minds, one idea

The Manik Story

Where it all began: The studio in Hamburg’s Schanzen neighborhood.

“We just wanted to make the best possible product”.

It all started in Hamburg, quite by chance after a tattoo appointment. A customer brought a friend to the studio who was passionate about making natural cosmetics. This was to become not just a partnership but a true friendship. Our initial conversations made it clear that the existing tattoo aftercare products did not meet our expectations. We just wanted to produce the best possible product:

Tattoo Aftercare with purely plant-based active ingredients, organic quality, and genuinely sustainable packaging.

We complemented each other perfectly for this goal. Using her deep knowledge of medicinal herbs and natural active ingredients, Manou, a naturopath and our expert in herbal medicine, spent a long time researching the right combination of ingredients. Manu, passionate about making natural cosmetics, has worked out countless recipes and production processes. And Mik, designer and tattoo artist, has repeatedly tested application and effectiveness and gave the Manik Skincare brand its distinctive identity. It took us over two years of development to create the Herbal Tattoo series, and we are proud to finally present it.

And with that, Manik Skincare was born. It’s the labor of love of three friends and their idealism, propelled forward by a lot of enthusiasm that produced a unique product as a result of their tireless work: Manik Skincare – The Herbal Tattoo Series.

The Manik Team

Mik Rahner

Tattoo & Design

Manou Rahner

Herbal medicine

Manu Camacho

Natural cosmetics


Tattoo &





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Herbal Tattoo Series

The Herbal Tattoo Series

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